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The sole manufacturer of the sole.

  Dongguan yuanteng shoes co., LTD. Is engaged in the products of TPR, TR, TPU monochrome double-color sole and injection, and has been engaged in this industry for 15 years. The field of this product is very professional, the raw material department, the mold department, the spray paint department, the product carries out the whole inspection system. I hope to win the opportunity to serve you.
   Yuanteng shoe material is dedicated to providing our customers with fashionable and competitive shoe material services. Provide a consistent and reliable product line for customers at home and abroad. For this reason, we have been working hard to establish and consolidate our company's durable and mutually beneficial relationship with our suppliers.
   Close cooperation with many famous shoes brands in China; For example: ALDO, PULL, BEAR, ZARA, MANGO, BANDOLINO, ESPRIT, NEXT, TOTES, TOMMY, GUESS, NINE, WEST, Skechers... And so on.
   Main production and management: TR sole,TPR sole,TPU base,MD base, sports sole, sole production.



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Dongguan yuanteng shoe material co. LTD.

  • Address:Yang gongzhou three and village three and bridge.,Shatian town,Dongguan,Guangdong,China
  • Tel:086-0769-81694200
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  • Email:yt@ytsole.com
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